Cloud Signs, custom shaped signs and custom plastic signs allow our clients to maintain their logo shapes to more exacting details than conventional manufacturing methods. Volume based production makes this method a very economical option. Quality Manufacturing, Inc, in-house tooling department, which utilizes state of the art engineering software and CAD CAM routers, enables us to keep tight controls on the specifications required for the project. Special shapes and embossed sign faces are routine applications for our vacuum forming department.

Satisfying the demand for innovative sign construction, Quality Manufacturing, Inc. will not fall short.  With our vacuum forming press capabilities we can offer vacuum formed cabinets as well as the faces which are in high demand today.

High visibility is what you expect with our plastic cloud signs. Up to 10’ x 20’ our pan faces and plastic cabinets are enhanced by special forming technics and exceptional decoration. Quality Manufacturing, Inc. experience and craftsmanship together produce the most fantastic face and formed cabinet displays. From single pieces to high volume sign programs, Quality delivers sign products with the greatest visibility and impact.

For over a half of a century, our employees have crafted custom signs and letters, flex face signs, channel letters, advertising displays, plastic sign faces, neon signs, as well as 3-dimentional props and custom formed plastic signs.

Cloud signs and custom cloud signs are one of our specialties. Cloud signs are ideal for when your logo is key to your success. We are capable of manufacturing large cloud signs up to 10' x 20'

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