Routed Faces and 3D

Routed Faces and 3D Signs

The successful decoration of a sign’s face is one of the most important manufacturing steps that we perform for our customers.

Quality Manufacturing graphics department is highly skilled in the use of cutting edge design software and computers, digital flat-bed printers and the use of industry color schemes. Our ability to decorate a sign face by applying vinyl or paint, or by digitally printing directly on the sign face or cut out copy, gives our customers the widest range of decorating options possible.


Quality Manufacturing specializes in imaginative, creative and innovative illuminated custom sign products. Quality’s experience and craftsmanship together produce custom routed sign faces. Along with flat cut out push through copy, you can maximize your visual impact with custom formed push through letters and logos.


Quality Manufacturing CNC routing capabilities can offer you and your client a routed face sign alternative that can deliver a different kind of high impact. Routed sign faces have come a long way offering a variety of new copy options.


Push through acrylic, vinyl overlays, layered copy lines, special backers and vacuum formed letters can give your client a number of options to choose from. Combined with digital graphics, flat cut out letters with stand offs and LED halo lighting we can create sign faces that achieve the highest visual impact.