Shipping & Crating:

Quality Manufacturing’s (QM) Quality Control inspects and tests signs for proper operation prior to shipment. Signs are shipped in accordance with common carrier transportation industry-standards. All products are photographed upon completion to ensure client satisfaction and to document the condition of the product prior to shipping. Please note: once the product has been received and signed for by the carrier (as acknowledged by the bill of lading), QM’s responsibility for the shipment transfers to the client. QM will ship per the client’s instructions. If a carrier is not specified, QM will ship using the most cost-effective carrier available.

Freight Claims:

Clients are responsible for filing any/all freight claims independently. Therefore, the client is responsible for immediately opening the carton/crate to inspect signage for concealed damage. The carrier needs to be notified upon delivery (including weekends and holidays), any/all damage claimed. Any delay in notifying the carrier can result in the denial of a freight claim. QM will not be held responsible for freight claims and/or denied freight claims.